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Make YOURS a Smart Home

 Home automation is more than just controlling one part of your home such as lighting, stereo volume or air conditioning, it can include every element of your home. Avati AV can help you create the smart home that brings you complete enjoyment.     

The rise in popularity of networked devices offers an elegance to interconnecting and personalizing your environment. Avati AV can design, install and integrate AV systems, security cameras, phone systems and TVs, and easily provide remote control through your smart phone to make your system measurably better in performance and ease-of-use.   

Avati AV can automate your entire surroundings from blinds, lighting, acoustics and room temperature to projection display, video conferencing, security camera deployment and TV installation and connection. We have extensive experience of design and implementation of AV equipment that is user friendly and intuitive, designed to manage and deliver the most professional presentation possible.   

Your imagination is the only limitation – let us offer some ideas!   


  Customized Solutions 

We’ll mount your new TV over your fireplace, add speakers to the pool area or link your front door camera to your smartphone.  No project is too big.  

Our engineers will run cables above or below, add electrical outlets, secure cabling behind the wall so you have a neat and clean showcase of your distinct personal technology showcase. Give us a call, we’re ready to design, plan and activate your home entertainment system.  

 Business Solutions 

Companies are turning to powerful audio visual equipment to change the way they communicate and interact. Avati AV works with the world’s most notable audio visual companies to create remarkable environments from boardrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas to public areas, training venues, conference centers and auditoriums.    

Ask us how we can help design and build an Audio visual system that delivers seamless communication with greater elegance.

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Project Management

Our staff is committed to helping you design, plan and install your office sound system or your dream home entertainment system. Before work begins, our Project Team will help you select the most sensible products based on your project desire then help you to schedule the work in the timeline you are available. We’ll work with your builder or interior designer to ensure we meet your design goals and the project runs seamlessly.  Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions that get you to the experience you’re hoping for. 

Installation Engineers 

Avati AV takes the design of your new home entertainment system and brings it to life.  Not only will we bring your system to life without a cord in sight, we’ll make sure you understand how everything works so you can enjoy your new system once we walk out the door. If you have any questions we’ll make ourselves available to come back to help as necessary – 

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Avati is confident we can provide our customers with the Audio Visual experience they desire.  Please feel free to send us an email and we hope to hear from you soon.

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